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The following is the case for the operation of the procedure
    • The origin of the goods does not match

      Such as:country origin on a random file shows is Unites State.but the actual inspection is no country origin

    • The number discrepancies of the goods

      Such as: the number of goods on display random file doesn’t match with the actual inspection

    • The name does not match the goods

      Such as: According to your company provided names, our company declared the goods name does not match the actual inspection of goods name

    • The materials, specifications and other information don’t match with the goods

      Such as: The materials, specifications, brands, models and other information provided by your company which is not match with the actual goods (result in HS coding errors)

    • Goods packaging without IPPC

      Such as: wood packaging goods imported are not fumigation marked Solution: Before declaration presented to Customs and CIQ that accurate and truthful information of the goods and the goods packaging information which was confirmed with the former shipper.

    • Cargo is often due to various cause delays in customers' goods

      Cargo is often due to various cause delays in customers' goods, or lost, damaged, encounter these problems, take the initiative and timely feedback to customers and airlines, to discuss solutions.

    • The solution of goods loss

      Require the airlines to count the number of goods, if it is really lost, reported insurance, also asked the airlines to issue proof of the lost goods, in consultation the claims with the Air Division

    • Flight delays, timely communicate with the airlines to ensure...

      Flight delays, timely communicate with the airlines to ensure that accompanied the fastest route. And negotiate payment of claims in accordance with the relevant standards and Air Division.

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