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The international logistics experts

Established in 2006, Goldline International Logistics Co., Ltd is a world-class international freight forwarder. Our company provides a transportation service to businesses around the world, including:

  • sea transportation
  • air freight
  • land transportation
  • railway transportation
  • express delivery
  • customs clearance
  • warehousing
  • packaging.

As well as other types of shipping services, we also provide transportation advisory services and foreign trade agency services.


When our company began to grow rapidly, we knew we needed to establish an exceptional service delivery system to maintain our high-quality customer service. Our company employs professional practitioners and we possess a variety of qualifications and memberships such as:

  • ISO9001 certification
  • senior membership of the Changzhou Industrial and Commercial Chamber
  • membership with the Changzhou Youth Enterprise Chamber.

Our company's core business philosophy values our relationship with our customers. We provide our services with integrity and an enterprising spirit. We aim to work in a safe, accurate and convenient way to meet your needs. We are always working with our clients and transport and logistics companies to provide comprehensive and better-integrated logistics services so we can offer you greater commercial value.


We connect five continents

After years of development, our company has established an outstanding overseas service network that is integrated with our overseas agents. Your goods can be safely delivered on time to five continents, 75 countries and regions through our fully integrated door-to-door service to meet your many and varied service demands.


We are based in China

Our network in mainland China connects all major and regional cities with our domestic offices. We cover more than 300 cities nationwide.


We service a wide range of industries

Our company currently provides logistics services to numerous and varied industries, including:

  • textiles
  • steel materials
  • photovoltaic products
  • paper products
  • electrical machinery
  • agricultural machinery
  • caravans
  • furniture
  • daily necessities
  • food
  • glass products
  • outdoor tourism products
  • chemicals
  • dangerous goods.


Fast and accurate transportation services

We are a truly integrated import, export, and door-to-door service company.

By gaining a solid reputation in the logistics industry, our company has won a wealth of capacity resources in international air transport and comprehensive air shipping services.

When it comes to international shipping projects, we use our years of experience and expertise for our customs clearance. We work alongside reputable shipping companies to collaborate and help develop and launch new and cost-effective services.


Online logistics service

We have developed an online logistics service to meet the diversity of our customers’ needs. Our dynamic online service provides our customers with industry information, product information, freight consulting and invoice tracking, allowing our customers to become aware of market dynamics and logistics information from wherever they are based.


An integrated logistics solution

We are committed to tailoring a professional international logistics solution for our customers.

Our experienced management team and our operational professionals ensure that our cooperative relationships with transport companies match our customers’ needs. We also work closely with airlines, ground handlers, customs, quarantine inspection, security and other relevant departments to provide the best logistics solutions.


A professional operation team for your freight services

Comprehensive services

We provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrated logistics services and online tracking.

The whole journey

From China’s key port cities to the world's major port agents, we provide a domestic to overseas door-to-door service journey.

Business with heart

We are an efficient, professional operations team with integrity. With our high-quality internal processes, you can be assured of a superior service. We attend to our customers with warmth and professionalism.


The benefits of becoming a member with us

  • Freight services – become a member for preferential tariffs.
  • Logistics services – use our free and powerful ‘online logistics service’, which allows you to track your goods online at any time and from anywhere.
  • Information services – we share market trends and keep our members updated on the latest industry developments.
  • Special member deals – we regularly offer special promotions to our members and valuable deals.


Goldline Informational Logistics Jiangsu Limited.

Goldline International Logistics Jiangsu Limited (hereinafter referred to as International) was established in August 2006, the company's core business is providing maritime, air and land transport, express delivery, booking, customs, warehousing, transshipment, container LCL, foreign shipping and customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance and other train services for worldwide buyers and domestic trade of various types of export-oriented enterprises, International import and export goods transport agency business.

.The company completed a strategic plan for future.

At the beginning of 2007, the company completed a strategic plan for future business development, defined the future direction of the company and implementation strategies. The company is now operating in the country network radiation major ports in China's coastal and inland. With perfect national service network, in air transport, formed strategic partnership with UPS, FEDEX, DHL, British Airways, China Eastern Airlines, American Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Korean Air and Finnair, etc. Currently, international service coverage is more than 100 countries and regions. In the ocean, reached agreement with COSO, CSCL, APL, MSK, JJ, CMA, MOL, K-LINE, NYK, SITC and other shipping companies, gradually developed into "triphibious" integrated logistics company. The company has advanced national freight and express management information system, the degree of information is among the best in the industry.


.Experience ranges refer to business license.



The cultural environment includes the factors such as education, education and human relations. Natural environment including office location, architectural design, indoor air, light, color, office equipment and office layout, layout and other factors. Overall, office environment is a complex open system, in order to better understand the office environment, the office environment can be divided into the general types of factors.



Goldline International Logistics

Zhongchuang staff follow the business philosophy of "customer first, integrity, pioneering spirit, and mutual benefit", adhering to the business purpose of "credibility first", adhering to the service tenet of "maximizing customer satisfaction" and the purpose of "safe, accurate and fast convenient," market demand-oriented, strategy driven more specialized, intensive development model, dedicated to providing more comprehensive and well integrated logistics services for domestic and foreign customers.



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